Storage tips for winter fruits and vegetables

Home economist Mairlyn Smith shares her tips for storing fruits and vegetables available in winter.

Home economist Mairlyn Smith shares her tips for storing fruits and vegetables available in winter, so they keep as long as possible.


Apples: in crisper; in the plastic bag they came in
Citrus: in crisper; loosely, not in a bag
Pears: in crisper after they are ripe; store in a perforated plastic bag
Bananas: on counter

Vegetables in crisper

Cut cabbage: loosely in a plastic bag
Cut onion: in a plastic bag or sealed container to deflect odors
Rutabaga: cut up in the crisper not in a bag
Parsley: shake out extra water, wrap loosely in a tea towel and place back in the plastic bag
Lettuce: same as parsley
Kale: same as parsley
Carrots: in the bag they came in
Cauliflower: whole or cut up in the bag it came in
Cut up squash: loosely in a plastic bag
Mushrooms: either in the package they came in or loosely in a paper bag
Celery: in a plastic bag

Other vegetables in a cool, dark place

Sweet potatoes
Whole squash
Whole rutabaga