DIY: Faux flagstone

Take your old porch or balcony and dress it up with Carson Arthur's beautiful DIY faux flagstone!

This unique and inexpensive DIY project by landscaping expert Carson Arthur, will take your old porch or balcony and dress it up with beautiful faux flagstone. All materials can be bought at Canadian Tire.

DIY: Faux flagstone


Primer paint
Painters tape
Liquid stone
Flecked paint


1. Prime your concrete with a dark grey coloured outdoor paint that has primer in the mix.

2. Lay out your flagstone pattern using painters tape. Choose any width of tape, but keep in mind that this forms the gaps between the stones.

3. Make sure that you create a random pattern, avoiding 4 sided stones.

4. Coat the flagstone using a liquid stone coating e.g. Rustoleum Stone Effects.

5. Spray flecked paint to add texture and colour to the stone.

6. Peel the tape after recommended dry-time (48 hours).