DIY: Pretty window valences for $20

Check out these two simple DIY projects for window valances that won't break the bank!

Here are designer Antonio Bellusci’s instructions for two simple DIY projects for window valances that won’t break the bank.

Bamboo valence


Bamboo placemats
Duct tape
Double sided tape
Cotton binding tape/ribbon
Tension curtain rod
Metal wire


1. Trim and cut the placemats to fit the width of the window.

2. Tape the placemats together with duct tape, on both sides.

3. Use double-sided tape to cover duct tape, on both sides.

4. Remove top layer of double-sided tape and position cotton binding tape overtop to conceal the double-sided, on both sides.

5. Fold over top of valence, making a loop for a rod and secure behind with metal wire.

6. Place tension rod through loop and secure to your window.


Scalloped fabric valence


Bias tape
Tension curtain rod
Sewing machine & thread


1. Cut fabric in a curved panel (think of a semi-circle or doughnut shape) with top edge wide enough to cover width of window plus an extra 20 per cent to make it feel more full.

2. Position and sew bias tape along two sides and bottom edge of fabric.

3. Fold over top edge of valence a few inches and iron the hem.

4. Sew hem in a straight line.

5. Place tension rod through the hem and secure to your window.