Spring jewellery trends

Need to up your jewellery game? From subtle to showy, we’ve got the seven jewellery trends you need to know now!

OMG! It’s bauble-mania! From Gucci to Rihanna to Karlie Kloss – designers, celebs and It girls everywhere are accessorizing like there’s no tomorrow! Click through to discover the new jewellery you need now!

This article was written by Michele Mayrand and originally published on louloumagazine.com.

Spring jewellery trends

1. A-listers are loving these long, thin necklaces right now. (Blake, Rihanna and Jessica are all major fans.) Most are adorned with a simple bar for the ultimate minimalist style. Whether you choose to have your bar engraved, lined with diamonds or just left plain, this necklace is the trademark of a fashionista in the know.

2. Time to put your lobe strength to the test with these XXL earrings that can hang all the way down to your shoulders! To keep things in check, go for lightweight materials like silk tassels (so in keeping with the Latin-influence trend right now!) or delicate chain designs.

3. The Gucci boho girl knows where it’s at right now. Her hands are adorned with rings in finely crafted metal decorated with turquoise stones. Whether on a bracelet, necklace or virtually any other piece, the turquoise stone is the most sought-after for mastering the exotic-world-traveller chic look that’s so hot right now.

4. Looking for positive vibes? Statement jewellery? How about both? Crystals and raw stones are popping up in rings, bracelets and necklaces to help give your OOTD some extra flair and maybe even inject a little positive energy into your life as well. Hey, we’ll take it!

5. The 2000’s are making a comeback (yes, already!), and trendistas everywhere are setting their sights on those XL hoop earrings made famous by the likes of Destiny’s Child and J.Lo back in the day. Ah, the memories…

6. After years of softer styles, bracelets are toughening up this season. We’re wrapping our wrists in studs, metal knots and stiff cuffs for a sleek don’t-mess-with-me vibe.

7. Metal strips from Gehry or Calder mobiles? This season, our earrings are being transformed into veritable works of art! To make an even bigger impact, why not wear just one? Some labels even offer mismatched pairs to create the same effect. Too cool!