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The Cityline Book Club is back and we want every one of you to get in on the literary fun! Four steps to maximize your book club membership:

1. Pick up the selected title—We’ll announce the month’s selection at the beginning of the round.
2. Follow along with Tracy Click here to join and read along with Tracy on Instagram! Check the Book Club highlight often for her hot takes, video reviews, and interactive content.
3. Use the hashtags—Hashtag #CitylineLit and #ReadMoore (plus mention Cityline) on your book club tweets, photos, and videos. This allows us to easily react to and share your posts.
4. Tune in to our interview with the author—At the end of the novel, we’ll share an exclusive interview with Tracy and the author on this page and on our YouTube Channel.

March’s Cityline Book Club pick is ‘Never Been Better’ by Leanne Toshiko Simpson.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding meets The Silver Linings Playbook in this offbeat, heartfelt comedy about a seaside wedding reunion where no one can stay afloat.

“Dee, Misa, and Matt were the “three musketeers” of the psych ward. Matt is a teddy bear musician with no discernable coping mechanisms. Wildly efficient Misa is quick to take care of others while neglecting herself. And Dee is a puddle with a heart of gold, eager to convince everyone that she’s finally turning things around. A year after discharge, Matt and Misa are tying the knot in Turks and Caicos, surrounded by guests who have no idea where they met. But the secrecy isn’t sitting well with Dee, who has been hopelessly in love with Matt since before she got kicked out of the hospital.

When Dee arrives at the swanky resort with her high-voltage sister Tilley, it’s now or never to confess how she feels about Matt. But disrupting her best friends’ nuptials would jeopardize the entire support system that holds them all together. When it comes to happily ever afters, how is a girl supposed to choose between love and recovery? Introducing a sparkling new voice in commercial fiction, Never Been Better revels in the heartache and hilarity of falling in love when you haven’t quite figured out how to live with yourself.”

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Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune


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