A Guide To Creating Your Own Gossip Girl-Inspired Headband

Channel your inner Upper East Sider with DIY Expert Julia Grieve's tutorial on how to recreate Blair Waldorf's staple headpiece.

Textured Headband With Bow

‘Gossip Girl’ took the world by storm when it debuted on TV in 2007. While every die hard fan had a character in the Upper East Side that they were rooting for, one thing we can ALL agree on is that Blair Waldorf’s fashion is simply unparalleled.

Credit: WireImage

Despite her ‘fits being ritzy and high-end, Blair’s adorable staple accessory – the headband – can be recreated at home on the CHEAP! DIY Expert Julia Grieve tells you how:

  1. Cut off the hem of a shirt, (you won’t need that) fold the t-shirt in half, and cut 5 strips about 2 inches wide. Open the folds and cut open one end of each strip
  2. Stack all five strips on top of each other and attach them together using a needle and thread. Pull each of the strips so that they curl.
  3. Separate the strips and braid the three strips on the left side (as demonstrated in above video). Bring the strip to the middle, and use that as the third strip on the right side.  Continue this all the way down. Always start with the outside strip!
  4. Once it’s fully braided, fit the band around your head.  Attach the two ends and cut off any extra fabric.
  5. Channel your inner Blair!



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