How To Give Yourself A Non-Committal Hair Colour Refresh Any Time

Hairstylist Michelle Finlayson shares her do's and don'ts when it comes to changing up your hair colour at home.

You can change up the colour of your hair whenever you’d like. Semi-permanent colour shampoos eventually wash out, so the good news is, there’s no commitment! Think of it as dating your hair colour but not marrying it.

Many brands have different options depending on if you’re looking for bold or blush intensity options. Luckily, since these are professional products designed for at-home use, they’re sulphate free with VitB5! Pre-lightened hair is ideal for these types of shampoos; the blonder you are, the more you will see the colour. However, bold washes can give colour to darker bases like light brown, for more subtle results. Imagine it like using coloured markers on construction paper: if the paper is white the colour is bright, and if the paper is dark the colour is more muted.

How to use semi-permanent colour shampoos:

  1. Pre-shampoo your hair. Optionally, you can use a clarifying shampoo before applying your pigmented shampoo – this will remove all products and residue so that your hair is ready to absorb the colour
  2. Apply at the roots first, or bottom back if you can. Since your ends are the most porous, they will need less time
  3. Process for 5 – 20 mins
  4. Rinse until the water runs clear, then condition to seal the colour in. It will last up to 5 – 20 shampoos

Expert do’s and don’ts:

  1. Intermix or dilute pigmented shampoos by using travel bottles so that you can customize the colour to what’s perfect for you
  2. Do try a test strand first
  3. Do wear gloves
  4. Do watch the processing time and make sure that you’re spot on (every minute counts)
  5. Don’t use white towels
  6. Don’t do this every single wash (build-up will occur)
  7. Don’t be scared! Have fun!