Two '90s Inspired Celeb Hairstyles That You Can Do At Home

Style your way through summer with these stunning throwback looks.

One of the hottest looks right now is a real blast from the 90s past! It’s a throwback to Spice Girls days – the space buns! It’s fun, and in these times it’s nice to have something a little more playful that can be pulled off at home. The look can be done where it’s all completely up, or like other great looks where it’s half up and half down. Plus, it’s versatile. Hair stylist Jason Lee shared the full guide for this look that is not only fun, but is also a great way to keep hair off of your face.


First Look – Jennifer Lopez courtesy @chrisappleton1

Step 1
Section the hair into a center part.

Step 2
I love the way Jennifer Lopez wore her space buns recently, so I’m going to do it more in the style – all up as opposed to half down. I’m going to twist these into fun little buns leaving a little detail out around her face.  If you want to do the look half up, just section out the back and leave the back area down.

Step 3
Anchor the buns using hair pins (which are similar to bobby pins but won’t stick out through the buns). Also note, I bend one of the sides of the hair pin down – it really anchors into the hair and won’t slip out. This can be done super clean or it’s also cool to do it so that the ends of the hair stick out, totally your call.

Step 4
Work with the details around the face. I love a very soft look, so I’m going to just put a soft wave using her shorter pieces to finish the look. Of course, a lot of people have little baby hairs around their hairline. I love when baby hair is laid, the way you do that is with a toothbrush and a light gel and you create soft waves around the hairline.


Second Look – Courtesy @rihanarihana_

For those who don’t want to straighten out their hair and want to work with their natural hair texture, check this out. Rihanna is working with her amazing curls and just loosely pinning up her hair. The key moment here is again the detail around her face. The idea is to really use your curls as the detail – and using your natural hair texture is what makes it modern. So really, when I approach curly hair and putting it up, it’s less about technique and more about personal style.  You really want to prep the hair first by bringing out the natural curl pattern. I love using a cream or a light gel on curls. You want to maintain as much moisture as possible because curls tend to be slightly dryer naturally, so I like to add a cream product because it’s not going to dry out the hair too much like a gel. I’ve diffused the hair to begin with.

Step 1
First thing I’m going to do is literally just with my fingers pull out a few little pieces around the face.

Step 2
Once I have the detail around the face I’m going to pull the rest of the into a high ponytail and secure it with a bungee elastic.

Step 3
Play with the curls. Tease a little at the root to give it a little extra body. I may even add a touch of texture spray just to give it that extra lift. It’s all about the shape of the silhouette here that gives it the cool factor.

Step 4
And then at the end I’m very loosely going to just anchor some of the shape into place with hair pins again and really create a beautiful shape. The real take away from all of this is that we’re in an era now where hair needs to be easy but still stylish. Kind of like the 90s! These are two great ways to approach your hair at the moment that feels cool but doable!

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