4 Tips For Creating A Positive At-Home Learning Workspace

School may look different this year, but your child's ability to thrive academically doesn't have to.

Back to school is going to look different for many of us this year. Children of all ages will be doing more learning at home. DIY expert Sarah Gunn has four tips for creating an ideal at-home workspace that will help your child thrive. 

Tip 1
Set the Scene: The first thing to keep in mind is how your child likes to work. Are they easily distracted, or do they enjoy the company of working around other people? Choose a space that best suits their learning style – a secluded spot, or a corner in the kitchen, dining room or living room.

Tip 2
Remove clutter and distractions. Keep TV out of view and earshot. Music is okay, and can benefit many learners.

Tip 3
Get your children involved in setting up their at-home workspace. Be sure to include a large work surface, a comfy seat and task lighting. Personalize the space with items like a favourite stuffed animal, photos of friends or their artwork.

Tip 4
Have all of the tools your child needs within easy reach and use colourful containers to keep supplies organized. If they work in a shared area, like the dining room table, designate a large container to store supplies out of sight when they aren’t in use. Make sure the monitor is at their eye height. Have a printer handy – print out work for the kids and give them a break from the screens.