Here's How Tech Can Keep Your Family Organized This School Year

Ease back into school with these organizational tips and tricks.

With the new school year kicking into full gear, tech expert Lisa Chang is sharing these tips to get you and your family organized.

1) Organize your time and devices 

  • Electronic Calendar Organization – keeps your family in sync and on schedule.  It’s known that kids respond best to structure and when they know what to expect, so a shared calendar system is truly ideal.
  • Built into your operating system the iCalendar or Google calendars are flexible and networked so you can see activities/appointments/etc as they change in real time.
  • Made in Vancouver, Family Organizer by Picniic is an app designed for all family members to easily access with features such as family locator, shared family calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, recipe and meal planner, parental controls, and more.
  • Keeping everything charged, sanitized and in one spot

Click here to purchase

Click here to purchase


2) Get ahead on meal prep and nutrition goals 

Whatever your schedule, I highly recommend identifying chunks of time in your week where you can meal prep ahead of time and freeze meals. It will make your life easier, I guarantee it. Once you have identified the time to do this, put it on your calendar and stick to it.

  • Apps like Mealime help you plan easy, healthy meals, so youre not stressed about figuring out what to 
  • Eat Healthy hand-picked apps by App Store editors to help adjust your eating habits through meal planning, cooking delicious meals. 


3) Set up your rest routine

It is so easy to overschedule ourselves and think that we have to do everything that is presented to us.  Nobody can do it all, and further, we are not designed to work or study all day every day. As important as work and school are, the fundamental thing we all need in life to be happy, healthy, and successful is a balance. In order to be balanced in life, we need to offset work and school with REST and RELAXATION.  We all need to be refreshed, or our well will run dry.

a) Wake up and fall asleep with a clear mind – having proper lighting and ambient noise in your room is key. 

  • Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds app Made in Montreal, Relax Melodies is recommended by doctors and neuropsychologists for a better nights sleep.  You can customize your own sleep sounds because no one’s sleep pattern is the same.

b) Free your mind and the rest will follow:

  • Audible App – begin or end your day with a motivational book or podcast, Meditation, Comedy and more are available for you to listen to

4) Connect with the family

There’s no better way to make sure everyone is on top of what they should be doing, than by spending time with them and connecting.