4 Ways To Prepare For The 2nd Wave Of COVID-19

Prepare for the second wave in the most non-alarmist way possible.

It’s important to prepare both mentally and practically. We have been through this once already so we can learn from that. As in – we now know that stocking up on toilet paper isn’t the top priority.

Tip #1: Don’t Panic Buy  

Instead, add a couple more items to your grocery list each week, like baking supplies for the holidays, non-perishables, but don’t fill your cart unnecessarily with toilet paper and pasta. The empty store shelves we saw at the outset caused fear of shortages which lead to more panic buying.

If we’re going out for groceries, meal plan, so you can limit the number of times you go to once a week. This will also hopefully limit food waste. Since the pandemic started, food waste is up  about 13.5 per cent, according to a study from Dalhousie’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab.  Check your inventory for medicines and prescriptions. Look at setting up ordering online, for you or your loved ones.


 Tip #2: Teach Others How To Use Technology To Stay Connected!

Teach older family members how to use tech to stay in touch if we have to decrease the size of our bubbles. Install apps on their phones, laptops or tablets and practice how to use them.

Get creative with ways to stay connected. We have played Yahtzee on FaceTime with my mom. Our hockey mom crew had weekly wine chats every Sunday night.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead of The Usual Christmas Shopping Time

Christmas in October. Plan way ahead for holiday gift shopping. Ordering online and sending packages to loved ones will probably take longer and inventory may be lower on popular items. Many may be working on a tighter budget this year, so focus on gifts that have meaning and help us all stay connected.

Tip #4: Stay Local

Hold off on planning or booking trips far from home. The travel industry is unpredictable right now and there are so many amazing experiences you can have close to home to support your local tourism and economy. Maybe take up a new outdoor winter activity (like snowshoeing) to do with friends or family.