7 Luxe Products To Get You Through Any Canadian Winter

Embrace your Canadian culture where ever you go!

1.Be Prepared For Any Weather

Canadians know that you need to have a coat and jacket that works for every climate and condition. We also understand the art of layering, from your underpinnings to cozy knits, gloves, and hats, and most importantly, we don’t fight Mother Nature, but rather, we embrace the seasons and get outside.


2. Have An Appreciation For The Arts

The wealth of creativity is one of Canada’s greatest exports. Canadians care deeply about supporting the arts and discovering talent. One example of this in my life is Iranian/Canadian fine artist and milliner Maryam Keyhani, whose hats and headbands I consider wearable pieces of surrealist art. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration.

Check out Maryam Keyhani hats and headbands here


3. Support Friends

Canadians love to support local businesses and talent. If we like something, we tell everyone about it and want to share it. One example I wanted to highlight is my Canadian friend Elizabeth Minett, who has an incredible line of candles under her Cander Paris label that transform any space into a Parisian hotel particulaire. This Scent 01 candle is my current favourite.

To purchase Scent 01 Candle, click here


4. Make Sweatpants Look Good

Canadians know how to get cozy with the best of them. And nothing is more comforting to us than a sweatsuit. Roots is the ultimate classic Canadian option, they have lots of new versions available here. Another Canadian brand that has really elevated loungewear is Vancouver’s Reigning Champ. Their material is beyond and they are all made in Canada.

Check out Roots new sweat suits here

To get nice and comfy for winter check out Reigning Champ’s website here


5. Never Be Afraid Of A Little Glamour

Some of the most formal occasions I have been in Canada. Truth be told, we love an excuse to dress up. One of the quickest ways to transform any look is with necklaces by Indigenous brand Lofttan.

You can look through their jewelry here


6. Have An Inner (and Outer) Glow

To me, being Canadian means radiating with kindness that is more than skin deep. But getting your glow on never hurt. This quartet of Canadian products are my secret weapons!

  • Inner glow oil from Amandine
  • Radford exfoliator
  • Gee beauty blush & lip
  • Skindew body oil


7. Maple Syrup

Lastly, if in doubt, put maple syrup on everything. From brussels spouts to salmon to coffee, and even salad dressing, everything is better with this Canadian liquid gold.


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