The 5-Minute Stretch That Can Reverse Sitting Damage

Make time for your health during your busy day at home.

With working from home, it can be easy to get locked in for hours on the computer, work e-mails, Zoom meetings and kids’ schooling.  To keep yourself motivated and productive while at home be sure to give yourself a break every so often because sometimes, we can forget just how important it is to move both for our mental and physical health.

Here is sharing a short and easy, but refreshing workout that you can do right at home!


  • Commit to move within each hour of sitting
  • Train your backside
  • Practice mindful breathing/stretching


5 Minute Move @ Home:

  • 4-Exercise Circuit
  • Complete each movement for 30 sec
  • Rest 15 sec in between each exercise
  • Complete 2 rounds total.


  1. Downward Dog to Pigeon Stretch
  2. Kick Through climbers (chair)
  3. Lunge Kick-overs (chair)
  4. Hip extensions (chair)