3 Must-Haves For The Perfect At Home Halloween Party

Keep the party going at home this Halloween!

This is a super fun way to get the whole family involved and celebrate Halloween in a new way at home this year! The three party-planning essentials to have on-hand are décor, food and of course, fun!

1. Décor 

In our home the kids get super excited when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree so why not repurpose the tree for Halloween? To decorate our Halloween tree, I found some great Halloween items, which you can find them at local stores like Walmart.

I started off which these purple LED lights, then I added some creepy cloth and Halloween themed garland! I found these glitter pumpkins that double as ornaments on the tree and for big impact. Then I added these big light up pumpkins and secured them on with some string, and these adorable tinsel décor characters. And lastly you can top the tree off with a purple witch hat!

The great thing about this is you can keep this up till Christmas by just changing the decorations to make it practical as well!

 2. Food

So after working up an appetite from all that fun, we have our food and of course we’re still keeping the theme and I have some mummy hotdogs, monster apple slices and Frankenstein cakesicles!

Mummy Hotdogs 

Use store bought pastry, use the pastry to wrap the hot dogs into little mummy’s. Bake it in the oven and add the eyes!

Monster Apples

A healthy option! Cut apple slices then use sunflower seeds for the teeth and strawberries for the tongues.

Frankenstein Cakesicles

These cute little brownies are dipped in chocolate then add the eyes to turn them into little Frankensteins.

3. Fun!

Now we all know Halloween isn’t complete without some trick or treating! To add a little fun for the evening I bagged some candies and goodies up and added them to the tree. Then you can use them as part of a Halloween Tree Scavenger hunt! I created the list of items for the girls to find on the computer and printed them off!

Another way you can have some Halloween fun with the family is with a DIY Piñata! This is super simple to make with some cardboard, paper streamers, scissors and glue!

And it’s easy, I made this in the shape of a ghost by drawing and cutting out the ghost shape out of cardboard, and cutting a strip to create that boxlike shape. I glued the pieces together and then added the streamer strips by gluing them on. Lastly, I added the eyes by cutting them out from black cardstock and then voila, a piñata!