5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween may look different this year, but you can still celebrate just as much!

Halloween this year will be anything but business as usual – but there are still many ways to make it really fun, and something your kids will remember for years to come while keeping everyone safe and socially distant.

1.Decorate outside!

When decorating look for bold pieces for the home that can be seen and noticed from the street or from a distance versus tiny details that you would only notice close up.  Another fun activity for the family is to do a Halloween Decoration tour from the safety of your car! Like looking at Christmas lights!

2. Bake some Halloween themed treats

Baking or making treats with the kids will get them in the mood and feeling festive regardless of your approach to the big day. You probably want to limit you and your kids sugar even though they are going to wind up with a ton of candy regardless, so try some healthier recipes that you can make together at home. There are also gluten free, dairy free options like Krispy mummies, which are made with coconut oil.

Get decorated striped paper cups party cups to serve Monster Munch which is essentially popcorn with candy eyes tossed in and they stick to the butter. You could drizzle white chocolate as an alternative.

3. Craft Time!

We love crafting, so make some Halloween décor projects leading up to the big day, and after you can display things in the front window for kids to see on their way to school. You can get a couple of really cute craft kits to make it easy for mom and dad, and you can make a haunted house, spooky puppets or Halloween bunting. This comes with a lot of supplies so you can get really creative.

 4. For the big SPOOKY day

First of all, it’s important to mask up if you are going to be around any people outside of your immediate family. Fortunately, there are some cool Halloween themed masks out there, and you can choose something that goes with the rest of the costume.

We’re going to do a SCAVENGER “HAUNT”. This is where Halloween meets Easter. This is a great idea of a Scavenger “Haunt” because it doesn’t require going door to door, and there are a couple of ways you can approach it. You can either print out a list with items for them to look for and check off (there are lots of templates online), or you can just hide small toys and candies around the house or garden, like Easter eggs.

 5. Bonus Pumpkin Patch Stomp Game

This is a fun one, because it’s so silly. Do your kids love stomping on sheets of bubble wrap? Well here’s their chance to jump on and pop balloons! You can create a pumpkin patch with orange balloons and green string, around the garden, but before blowing up the balloons, put candies inside them! Just make sure they are hard candies, because you don’t want to be jumping on chocolate bars.