4 Must-Follow Fashion Tips For Your Next Virtual Meeting

Take your next virtual meeting by storm with this expert advice.

Virtual meetings have become part of our day-to-day routine. As much as we love wearing our PJ bottoms and rolling out of bed, here are just the tips to looking professional while feeling comfy.

Maintaining your normal weekday routine is helpful during these times, which means getting up and getting dressed in the morning. I know this sounds daunting but getting ready for ‘work’ does help boost your energy levels and the best part is you can wear your sweatpants on the bottom!


Tip #1:  Busy Print vs. Colourful Tops

Don’t choose a pattern that is too busy. You don’t want your co-workers to get dizzy or unfocused from your top, instead, choose a solid bright coloured top. This will help brighten your face and at the same time brighten the mood of your coworkers.


Tip #2: Low Neckline vs. High Neckline

 Marled Ribbed Turtleneck

Keep in mind you’re in a Zoom meeting for work, not going out to a restaurant or bar, but at the same time turtlenecks don’t always look flattering on screen depending on the angle of your camera. If you have a top with a low neckline that you’re just dying to wear, put a camisole underneath to help raise the neckline. If you want to wear a turtleneck on the screen then create a mock turtleneck by either using a mock turtleneck sweater or folding the top more than once.


Tip #3: Loose Fit vs. Fitted

Be very careful of the fit of the top. Keep in mind camera angles. Sometimes a looser fit top looks great when you’re standing facing a mirror but may not look as clean-cut when sitting down in front of a camera. If you are not comfortable with wearing something fitted, opt for a fitted top with a blazer on top. This will still look polished and put together while being comfortable.


Tip #4: Background & Lighting

A few tips for your background and lighting. Your remote office should be clutter-free, maybe keep 1 bold piece of artwork or a plant in the background. Also, everyone looks better on-screen with proper lighting! I highly recommend a ring light! This will help even the lighting and reduce the shadowing on your face.