3 Stylish Working From Home Outfits For Men

Keep up with the hottest style while working from home.

Previously, we showed women how to transition their office wardrobe to working from home. Today, we’re showing men how to do the same thing.

We’re 7-8 months in and working from home (WFH) is a thing. But what do we do with all the office clothing we have, and how can you still look the same and feel comfortable? Here is how you can maintain that image/look using some of your office wear and things you might have at home. Everything will be anchored around the cardigan, because the cardigan is the “new jacket.”


Look #1: Grey Suit & Shirt

This is a current work look, no tie, tone on tone shirt- suit combination and is very modern.

Grey Patterned Cardigan: this is a knitted cardigan, but it resembles a jacket. It has a notched lapel, as a jacket would, but has pockets you’d typically find on a cardigan. Throw on a vest and it is perfect for running out for quick errands in between meetings.

Shirt: keeping the same shirt as shown in the image which gives you some reference to your previous office life. This way your clothing is not totally wasted.

Grey Jeans: Add in a pair of jeans for comfort, grey is always a great choice because it is a neutral, goes with everything. Try to get something with some stretch, especially if you are sitting a lot.

Black Suede Boots


Look #2: Blue Suit, White Shirt With Tie

This is a very classic work look!

Blue Cardigan: Sticking with a traditional cardigan style, with a fine gauge knit merino wool. The light sheen of the wool gives it a much more polished look. Also, the buttons allow you to unbutton from the bottom. So you look neat and put together on those video calls.

White Shirt: A white button-down shirt pretty much guarantees that your shirt collar will stay standing all day without collapsing. Also, a jersey knit shirt adds for comfort and unrestricted movement.

Blue Jeans: A dark washed jean will really maintain the integrity of your look.

Dress Sneaker: The key to a dress sneaker is keeping the colour always to 1 or 2. Anything more and it becomes a little too casual. 


Look #3: Coloured Jacket, White Shirt & Grey Pant

This is a reliable business casual look.

Coloured “JaCardi”: A “JaCardi” is a hybrid of a jacket/cardigan. It has the structure of a suit jacket with the knit characteristics of a cardigan. This is great for WFH, not too dressy and not too casual making it the perfect balance.

Knit Pants: They feel like jogging pants, but they have the structure of a dress pant making them very comfortable to sit around in.

Polo Knit: Put on a coloured polo knit. The key is to have 1 colour blend with the other more muted tones.

Leather Dress Sneaker: Look to wear with a colour that matches of complements the pants.