3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Unhappy In Your Career

Here's what to do if you're feeling stuck.

Sometimes it’s hard to identify the problem, you just know that work feels bad. Career Coach Sarah Vermunt shares what to ask if you’re in a career bind.

1. Are you resentful? If so, of what?

  • Resentment can be a good clue. Not making enough money? Maybe you don’t need a new job; maybe you just need a raise.
  • Long hours? Not enough autonomy? A boss who’s a jerk?
  • You have to drill down and get specific so you can see which changes to focus on.
  • Then you have to take action — whether it’s having hard conversation, setting boundaries, asking for help, or moving on.

2. Which parts of your job do you like and not like?

  • I have my clients make 2 lists — a hissyfit list (the stuff you hate) and a squeals of delight list – the things that light you up. We use these lists to see how far off the mark their current job is.
  • Sometimes a few tweaks is all that’s needed (ask for different projects, ask for help, ask for a raise). Notice these are all proactive changes that YOU can make. Because your company isn’t going to suddenly develop a new culture, and your boss won’t grow a new personality.
  • If you’ve taken empowered action and been proactive but your needs still aren’t being met, it’s likely time to move on.

3. What’s missing?

  • Are there things you’d like to do that you’re not currently doing? These things are important in order to feel fulfilled.
  • When thinking about career navigation we often focus too much on only skills and experience and not enough on our desires.
  • This is a big problem because if all you do is look at your existing skills and experience, you’re likely to just get another job similar to what you’re already doing when maybe you need a more significant change.