5 Plants That Are Believed To Bring Prosperity

Even though 2020 is behind us, we could still use a bit of luck in 2021.

Even though 2020 is behind us, we could still use a bit of luck in 2021. So, whether you believe that plants can bring good luck or just good vibes, Gardening Expert Frank Ferragine has one for everyone.

#1: Jade

This plant is traditionally gifted to new homeowners. It’s an easy to care for succulent and is said to bring prosperity. The vibrant green leaves resemble jade stones and  symbolize growth and renewal. Unlike most succulents, jade thrives in lower light conditions. They are very popular since they’re so easy to maintain and look after.

#2: Anthurium

This one is said to bring luck to your relationships, and symbolizes long-lasting love and friendship. Exotic and compelling, with bold, red flowers and shiny green foliage, anthurium are long-lasting and gorgeous.

 #3: Kalanchoe

Native to the tropics of Madagascar and Africa, this succulent comes in many different different shapes and sizes. Regardless of appearance, however, the kalanchoe symbolizes endurance and eternal affection, as well as wealth and prosperity.

#4: Palm

The palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life. It originated long ago in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. This plant was sacred in Mesopotamian religions, and in ancient Egypt, it represented immortality.

#5: Citrus

Surprised? Most people don’t think of lemons as a plant, but we do! the citron was the first citrus fruit to reach the Mediterranean, and was coveted for it’s rarity, as well as it’s healing powers and delicious smell. The fruits even took on a religious significance in some early civilizations. As such, lemons and other citrus fruits are a symbol of wealth and privilege.