A 5 Step DIY To Turn Any Old Vase Into A Masterpiece

Make your old vase look like new with this creative DIY!

A creative way to turn an old vase, into a masterpiece! Brenda Danso shows you how with this guide:


  • 250ml of paint
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • small container
  • spoon or small stick for mixing
  • a thrifted vase or old vase
  • bristle brush
  • white latex interior wall paint


STEP 1: Clean your vase with a lint-free cloth.

STEP  2: Put your paint into the small container and add in your baking soda.

STEP 3: Use your stir stick or spoon to mix up the paint, mixing well until the baking powder is all mixed in. The baking soda will give your vase a chalky matte finish which is really on trend right now.

STEP 4: Coat your vase with the paint, add a second coat if required. Allow your vase to dry for half an hour or until it’s dry touch. Add more coats of paint.

FINISH: Once your vase is completely dry, fill it with fresh or faux flowers.