5 Ageless Beauty Trends To Try Today

The beauty industry has long been known for chasing youth and demonizing the process of aging. But it’s time to expand – or maybe even get rid of - the idea of “age-appropriate.”

The beauty industry has long been known for chasing youth and demonizing the process of aging. As such, beauty trends are often geared towards teens and 20-somethings. But it’s time to expand – or maybe even get rid of – the idea of “age-appropriate.” In service of that, here are our top 5 Ageless beauty trends.

#1: Hair Glossing Instead of Colouring At-Home

This first trend is a great alternative to at-home hair colouring, that might just save you time and money! Hair glossing is a common salon technique, used to enhance the tone of the hair. You can think of it as a sheer-tinted top coat of your hair. That said, this is a technique you can implement at home as well with products like the L’Oreal Paris Le Colour Gloss. This is an affordable, easy and no commitment option.

Bahar’s Tip: A gloss is a great way to compliment your hair colouring routine at home without changing your hair colour permanently!

#2: Brows, Brows, Brows!

Since the 90’s robbed us of our brows, a lot of people think that filled-in eyebrows are just for millennials and Gen Z’ers. We’re here to say no – brows are ageless. While you definitely don’t need to fill in massive, bold eyebrows like a 19 year old, there’s still value to be found in paying some attention to the brows. If your brows are a mess, people notice them, but if they are in check, people notice your eyes instead! Using brow glue and a tint pen like these ones from NYX can really help to create the look you’re going for. Simply brush up your brows with the glue and use the tint pen to draw single hair strokes in the sparse areas of your brows.

Bahar’s Tip: Don’t rush this part: take your time adding in each stroke. And remember, practice makes perfect!

 #3: Non-Cake-Face Foundation

More natural-looking makeup is very in right now – and so it’s officially the end of cakey-face foundation for any age! Right now, a natural glow is very in, and very accessible. This doesn’t mean that foundation is completely going away, but rather that application and formula meet in the middle. People are aiming for a luminous effect so that your skin looks like skin, instead of an intense, heavily contoured look. The ideal is somewhere between matte and dewy, which some foundations provide really well. We recommend the Shiseido Syncro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation for a good mix of foundation and glow.

Bahar’s Tip: Apply foundation starting from the centre of the face and blend outwards, and know that you often don’t need foundation on the peripheral of your face!

#4: Bold Multi-Coloured Manis

We get how people might be on the fence about this one, but this trend is genuinely ageless, accessible and affordable to change up. High quality polishes, like these ones from Revlon, are less than $8! Nail polish is like the great beauty equalizer: anyone can do any shade and they can do it themselves. Multi-coloured manis, with a different colour on each nail, are a huge trend right now. What’s great is that you can get creative with it: go wild with black and white or complimentary colours like purple and yellow.

Bahar’s Tip: Clean up mistakes while they are wet: use an orange stick with a flat edge, dip it in polish remover and wipe smudges away.

#5: Cleaner Mascara Options

A massive beauty movement we’re seeing right now is the clean beauty trend. Mascara is a beauty staple, whether you’re a low-key beauty enthusiast or a full face of makeup kind of person. Almost everyone uses mascara in their makeup routine, and no matter their age, they want options! Mascara can be built into many beauty checklists, from cruelty-free to mineral-based to budget-friendly. What’s great is that this doesn’t change when you opt for cleaner options! A couple of great options are:

Bahar’s Tip: This is a great beauty product to look pulled together for that last-minute video chat!