5 Tricks For Working Plants Into Your Décor

Big or small, full or thin, the architecture of decorating with plants isn't hard to grasp!

Big or small, full or thin, the architecture of decorating with plants isn’t hard to grasp. Doing it simply and beautifully is completely accessible to anyone, with the right guidance. We’ve got a quick guide of design principles to help incorporate plants into your design.

Tip #1: Use Plants to Create Balance and Symmetry 

Balance and symmetry are key principles in interior design, and can often throw a space off if one or both of these principles are not included in a design concept. Plants are the ideal non-permanent fixtures for decor, as they vary in shape, size and structure. The balance and symmetry of any space can benefit from a plant. Here are some examples of plants adding to balance and symmetry.

Tip #2: Create a Focal Point for a Contemporary Feel

Contemporary design has really embraced neutral palettes and natural finishes. However, sometime these qualities can create a flat, non dimensional look. That’s where greenery comes in! Plants are an easy way to break up continual runs in a space as well creating a visual landing point, or focal point, in a space. It’s important to have a point of focus or grounding for people to feel as if a room has personality and cohesion.

Tip #3: Use Plants to Create a “Human Scale” in Open Concept Spaces

Open concept seems to be the favorite design concept in modern North America. With retrofit lofts, work spaces and commercial spaces being transformed into residential spaces, creating a more human scale to these open areas can be challenging. Once again, enter plants. Open concept and large scale spaces are a great playground for plants. Having larger plants or a greater amount of plants can really vary the sense of human scale in a space.

Tip #4: Add a Pop of Colour

Tying into our above point, neutral tones are in style right now. Plants are excellent at adding a pop of colour to these drab spaces. Adding colour is one of the easiest ways to change a space’s look. Green is a very calming colour, so adding a plant can add a visual pop, but also provide some much-needed mental serenity.

Tip #5: Plants Help Reduce Noise 

If you live in a condo or a semi, you know walls today are paper thin. And while we can use soft surfaces to muffle sound transfer between spaces, plants help to absorb sound too. What’s great about plants as sound dampeners is that plants can easily fit into more difficult spaces like corners or tight spots. 

Plants are a great addition to any home, and knowing how to use them to your advantage can really help liven up any space. We hope these tips helped to spruce up your home, maybe literally!

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