4 Of The Most Comfortable Bras To Invest In

If you’re like most women, you automatically associate the word “bra” with discomfort. We want to change that.

If you’re like most women, you automatically associate the word “bra” with discomfort.  But not anymore! Here are 4 comfy options you won’t want to take off. 

Your correct bra fit should actually be comfortable, but also will give you a flattering silhouette. The aim is to point the breasts forward and hold them up. Under a baggy sweater, this isn’t as much of a requirement for most women, but some support is still appreciated. Many people point to sports bras as the solution for this problem, but for those with larger breasts, this is far from comfortable. They don’t provide the lift and seperation that most people are looking for.

Knix Wingwoman Bra

First off we have Knix, a great brand that has really focused on a few specific cuts very well. The wireless WingWoman Bra features a plunging neckline and molded foam cups give you the most shape and definition – without compromising on comfort. It also has side coverage that eliminates side-boob and overspill. It’s also a very inclusive bra, coming in 5 skin tones for many different shades of nude, and goes up to size 42G.

Cosabella Plunge from Melmira

Lots of people think of bralettes when looking for comfort, but many women might not feel it will support their fuller cup. There’s no such problem with this beautiful stretch lace bralette. This bra provides good coverage with a centre lift support and adjustable straps. A huge plus for this bra is that it can accommodate a fuller cup and is higher in the centre. 

Chantelle Norah from Melmira

A lot of underwire bras have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable. In reality, this actually comes down to not having the correct fit because both the band and the cup size need to be correct in order for a bra to be comfortable. Luckily, plenty of retailers are offering virtual bra fittings with experts right now. This bra has an underwire, but is also made with practical, seamless lace.

This has been lovingly referred to as “the Covid Bra”, sporting a soft side panel with comfort and give – which means no bulging out! It provides seperation and lift, and the lace is flat and smooth on your body. The underwire provides support, and it goes up to a size G.

Unlined bras may not be everyone’s choice. I feel once you have nursed a baby, you want nipple coverage. So light padding is important. I think women confuse lined with padded. The lining is there for a bit more support and coverage but without adding bulk to your cup size. A padded bra is something different. 

Natori Bliss Perfection from Melmira

Unlined bras may not be everyone’s choice, but if you’ve nursed a baby, you understand the desire for nipple coverage. Light padding in this case is important. Padding and lining are often confused, but lining is designed for more support and coverage, without adding bulk to your cup size. A padded bra is something different.

This bra is wireless, with a wide band with stretch lace for support and comfort.

Bonus Tip: Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are very important for support and comfort, and you may want them to be tighter or looser depending on your cup size. Be sure to check the straps after they go in the wash to make sure they haven’t shifted – it’s important that they’re well-adjusted all the time.