How To Deep Clean Your Beauty Routine

Here are our best tips for decluttering and deep cleaning your beauty routine.

Whether you’re a makeup maven or just a beginner, chances are you’re not cleaning or replacing your cosmetics as often as you should be. It’s super easy to let the makeup on your brushes build up or keep skincare products long after their expiration dates, but those habits can wreak havoc on your skin. Here are our best tips for decluttering and deep cleaning your beauty routine.

Step 1: Product Audit

It’s time to channel Marie Kondo and cull unnecessary beauty products. Find all of the makeup that you have lying around, from your purse, to your car, to your counter. Sort them into what you want to keep and what you want to toss. If you aren’t sure, you can make a “maybe” pile and revisit it later to see if you’re getting your value out of the products in it.

Step 2: Gold or Old

Now, of what you’ve decided to keep, it’s important to determine if the products are still safe and effective to use. Old products can be contaminated, lose efficacy or go rogue. Look for signs like smell, seperation and color changes to determine if a product is still good. Also be sure to check the label for the expiry dates on your products.

Step 3: Clean and Sanitize

Tip to make sure you’re working with a sterile set of tools! First things first: wash your makeup bag! Spilled makeup can build up on the inside and become a breeding ground for bacteria, so be sure to use an alcohol spray to kill any unwanted pathogens. You can also use alcohol to clean the exteriors of your makeup containers.

For your brushes, you can wash them using soap and water. Hold the brush downward to prevent damage to bristles and handles. Rub, rinse and squeeze the water out of the brushes. Set the brushes on a paper towel or a vent to dry. For brushes used for liquids, you’ll want to do this daily. Brushes used for powders can be cleaned weekly instead.

To clean your sponges, you can run them through the washing machine. You can also place your sponge in a microwave safe cup with warm water and soap and heat it up.

To get the most sanitation and longevity out of your products:

  • DO store your products in a cabinet or drawer
  • DO wash your hands with soap before application
  • DO keep brushes and makeup out of the bathroom
  • DO use a spray bottle and 99% alcohol to keep your makeup clean
  • DON’T keep products in sun or fridge unless specified

Et voila! You’re good to go, and your makeup bag looks much tidier!