4 Budget-Friendly Office DIYs

Rejuvenate your home office with these affordable DIYs.

After a year at home, is your workspace in desperate need of a refresh? You can use basic items you have lying around to really elevate your home office into a sophisticated space and that in turn is likely to improve your work ethic. We’ve got you covered with some easy and budget friendly DIYs that can rejuvenate your home office.

DIY 1 : Basket Planters

Greenery can really liven up your space. Maybe you have a leftover Easter basket, or just any old basket. Let’s pimp out some of the ugliest baskets with paint and transform them into leafy hanging baskets that will last forever.

First you’re going to spray paint your basket with whatever colour you like. Once it’s dried, you can add in a fake plant. The best part is: your co-workers on zoom will never know it’s not real. Then you just hang it up. If you can keep your plant near a window and have some plastic to line your basket, you can use a real plant, just don’t forget to water it. This is a super simple DIY that is cost effective and allows you to bring greenery to your space.

DIY 2: Plastic Letter Signs

Do you have leftover letter magnets from your fridge lying around? Don’t throw them away! You can grab some canvas from the dollar store and mount them on to create really unique signs. Spray paint your letters with a matte spray paint in your preferred colour and then mount them to your canvas with a glue gun. Voila! Fun DIY signage. 


DIY 3: Animal Bookends

If you have a lot of books scattered across your space, book ends can be very helpful. They don’t even have to be expensive. Use off-cuts of timber or MDF and hot glue them into an L formation. Then spray them with a white matte. Next, take your dollar store animal figurines and hot glue them to the base. You can spray paint the animals beforehand if you want to control the colours on the bookend.

DIY 4: Tack Art

If you have spare pins laying around your office, why not purchase some low-budget canvas and create your very own thumb tack wall art! This one is pretty self explanatory, and you can look online for pattern inspiration!