A DIY "Guess Who" Game

Make this famous game on your own at home.

Is Friday night a time for board games at your house? There has been a growing interest in board games over the last year, so we’re showing you how to DIY a custom version of Guess Who! This is a great way to incorporate friendly faces you don’t see often enough.

Here’s what you need:

First things first, you need to pick the 25 lucky people who are going to make it onto your Guess Who Board game. It might take some time to track down some good photos but you could definitely find them via Facebook or Instagram. Low-res images will work okay as well, since the images will be printed out small.

The next step is to edit all the images in photoshop. You want to cut out everyone’s heads and add a coloured background if you like. Add their names to the bottom of each photo. Make the photoshop file slightly larger than the pegs so that you can trim down once attached. Remember that you want to print out 3 copies of each  head (one for each board and one for the bag). Print two sets out on printable sticker paper, and one set on cardstock. If you don’t have printable sticker paper, you can use regular printer paper with double sided tape.

What if I’m not Good at Photoshop?

We promise it’s simple! After importing the photo, you can simply crop them down to the same size, and you’re good to go! There are plenty of tutorials online to help you. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, you can simply crop them to size of your wooden pegs (2” x 1.3”).


You can skip this next step if you want to leave your wooden pegs natural, but  to jazz them up with a little colour you can paint them each out. Now since the fronts will be covered with the faces, you only need to paint out the backs. Let dry for a couple of hours. You can also try staining the wooden pegs pieces if that is more your aesthetic. Just let it dry for 24 hours.

Putting the Faces On

Next, you apply all your sticker faces to your painted wooden pegs and lay them out on your board evenly. Using a ruler will help you lay out your face pieces evenly.

Once you are happy with the lineup, using an awl, make pilot holes where the hinges will go.

You can screw in your hinges to the board and back of your pegs. But I found it easier to hot glue the hinge to the wooden peg and then screw into your game board.

Lastly, you can also add in a wooden dowel to hold the mystery face card at the bottom (the one your opponent is trying to guess). Use the muslin bag to hold your card pieces. If you want, you can customize it with a stamp or iron-on transfer.

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