14 Chic And Simple DIYs To Do Around Your House

It's a lightning round of DIYs!

DIY 1 – Potato Egg Tree

Here’s a fun DIY to do if you have extra potatoes lying around! Carved and painted potatoes can be used to make a whimsical egg tree. Peel and carve the potatoes to the shape that you like. Next, spray them with hair spray. This will dry them out and make them easier to paint on. Paint them however you like, speckle and then hang!

DIY 2 – Floral Wall Clock

Here’s a DIY so simple that you can pull it off in less than a minute! On the rim of your clock, glue a small hook, and simply hang the wreath over the clock so that the face is still visible! Presto! You’ve got a time-keeping wreath.

DIY 3 – Style Library

For this one, take your old paperbacks and remove their front cover. Paint the front and back of the book black, and then add the title in a style of your choosing on the spine. This lets you showcase what a story meant to you while still having a consistent aesthetic in your library.

DIY 4 – Easter baskets

For Easter, so many seasonal items are bought for one event and then discarded.  This DIY pimps out some of the ugliest baskets to transform them into leafy hanging baskets that will last forever. All you need for this one is some paint.

DIY 5 – Whisky Bar Wonder 

Because staying in is the new going out.  You can make whisky lounge-inspired lighting from dollar store plastic glasses. Simply glue the glasses to plastic bowls. Then, add a battery operated candle to illuminate the glass!

DIY 6 – Play The Game

Board games can be art too! Turn old, unused games into 3D artwork for the games room. Glue the pieces to the main board and mount the piece on a wall to create interesting decor. 

DIY 7 – Jurassic Chic 

Let’s take it back to 1993. Your kid’s old toy plastic dinosaurs can be mounted on balsa wood boxes and painted to create home accessories for time traveling explorers of all ages. This is a great way to reuse unused relics of the past, especially if they have sentimental value.

DIY 8 – Tip Top Topiary Trees 

You can make your own London-style topiary trees with dollar store box balls, bamboo stalks and vases you already have at home.

DIY 9 – Pimped-Out Vase Three Ways

We all have a basic glass cylinder vase. You know the one. To glitz up this boring staple, we’ve got three options. The first is to wrap the cylinder in a textural place mat. The second option is to bedazzle the vase with a rhinestone collar. A third quirky option is to wrap the vase in elastic bands, which also makes for a nice tactile sensation.


DIY 10 – Style in Numbers

Why have one fish bowl when you can have nine? Inexpensive dollar store vessels can be grouped to create a singular stylish statement. In these bowls, orchid compost is layered into the bottom and plastic succulents are added for little, self-contained art pieces.

DIY 11 – The Cat’s Meow

Fill some tall glass vases with cat litter and plastic succulents. Style a few of these in a row on a table to create a smart centerpiece.

DIY 12 – Great Pins

Use some blank art canvases and dress them with thumb tacks to create a textural and glittery art work.

DIY 13 – Animal Bookends

Cut off some unusable ends of timber or MDF.  Glue and paint them to make L shapes that house painted plastic animals, glued and secured in place.

DIY 14 – Plastic letters

Just about to throw out your kid’s old plastic letters now they’ve outgrown them? Mount them on art canvas and spray paint to create 3D artworks instead!