3 Simple Silk Scarf Hairstyles

These hairstyles are simply stunning.

If you’re looking to experiment with your hair this season, a silk scarf just might be what you need to take your hairstyle from simple to stunning. For fashion and function, scarves are everywhere this season. We’re seeing a beautiful soft prettiness with them incorporated in to braids and ponies, as well as more retro 70’s vibes. We’ve curated some easy silk scarf styles that you can try on yourself at home!

Look 1: The Coachella Braid

This pretty boho look screams “Coachella”.

To pull off this look, take a section of your hair on the crown and back comb it a little. Tie your scarf in a knot around it to secure it, leaving one tail longer. Split your hair into two sections around the scarf. Now you have the traditional 3 strands needed to create a braid. Braid normally until you almost reach the bottom, then tie off with another hair elastic. Now spread the braid out with your fingers. This look works really well as a side braid.

Bonus Tip: Use a scarf when sleeping to keep your doo longer by wrapping your hair “up” in a scarf. It’ll be cradled in a “hammock” all night. 

Look 2: Summer in St. Tropez

To accomplish this one, take a long skinny scarf or fold a large scarf into long narrow band. Place it on your hair line or just behind it and add a couple of bobby pins behind each ear. Cross the pins for added hold. Now wrap the “tails” under the base of your ponytail and then bring them up and over and tie it off. Let the tails hang, or take your pony and turn it into a messy bun. You can wrap the tails around it or even cover it up completely. 

Bonus Tip: Think about doing this look with a top knot as well. Just reverse the process. Start at the nape of you neck and wrap the scarf up to the top of your head and tie it off around your top knot. 

Look 3: Easy Peasy Braid 

For this last look, take your hair and pull it over to whichever side you prefer, then put it in a low ponytail. Aim for behind your ears and off your neck. Using a coil hair tie or a hair elastic secure it at the base. Now take your scarf and put it through the tie so it won’t fall out and leave a long and a short tail. Use the short tail to cover the elastic. You want the long tail about the length of or a little longer than your ponytail. Separate your pony into two sections and now you have the 3 sections, the scarf being the third needed for a classic braid. Don’t braid it too tight. Once you get to the ends tie it off with a hair elastic. Now stretch it out, pull it apart a little to get that really pretty boho look. 

Which of these are your favourite look? Let us know in the comments!