How To DIY Your Own Accent Wall

Stop staring at the same four walls.

Tired of staring at the same four walls? Contactors Dave Kenney and Joey Fletcher give us some easy DIY steps on how to create an accent wall in your home or office space.

Draw on the wall:

There are some easy steps to take first when improving a wall in your house of office; first find a trim that you like.  Now’s your chance to draw on the walls! Simply use a pencil and a ruler and draw some straight lines wherever you would like on the wall or where you would like your trim/material to go. Make sure you have a plan where your lines to go.

Find the studs:  

Next, use a stud finder to find the studs on your dry wall this will help you to figure out where to nail your trim.  If you have wood or metal studs the process will be a bit different- if you have metal studs the nails aren’t going to grab quite as well.

Glue and brad nail:

Use a strip of glue on the back of each trim piece, that way wherever you are not nailed into a stud you will still get a good hold.  Make sure to put in nails where the studs aren’t and go on a bit of an angle when assembling so that the brad nail can grab into the drywall. Once that glue sets in, that trim will be set for life!

Tip: If there is too much glue and it starts to ooze out, make sure to take a wet cloth and wipe it off right away before it dries.

Final Steps: 

The final steps would be to add a pop of colour!  Make sure to use filler or caulking to seal everything in beforehand, then you can paint the wall in place all at once.

There are many other patterns and techniques that can be used to create a beautiful accent wall! Dave used this technique for his office, or zoom wall, to create a beautiful visual backdrop.

If you didn’t want to use a trim with wood tones, you can also use a trim with geometric details or shiplap!