4 Blush Techniques To Get You Glowing

Basic blush? Never heard of her.

There are many different ways to apply blush that can lead to different, gorgeous results. Beauty Expert Tracy Peart is introducing you to four of her faves.

NATURAL: Apples of Cheeks

For this first technique you want to focus your attention on just the apples your cheeks where the sun would naturally hit your face. Try to make it look as though someone pinched your cheeks. This technique can make your face look bigger due to the points it accentuates. If you have a rounder face this may not be the best technique for you.

Credit: Allure

SCULPTED: Along the Cheekbones

Your next technique is one that gives definition without requiring any contouring. The sculpted technique focuses on the hollows of your cheeks to give you that fish look. It essentially creates the illusion of a thinner face. If you have a long face, this technique can make your face look thinner and hollow.

Credits: Makeup.com

SUNKISSED: All Over Glow

The sun kissed technique is where blush is placed on more than just your cheek area. Blush is applied on other parts of your face to make you look sun kissed. Make sure to use shimmer for this one to give a glowing look.

Credits: Mented Cosmetics


The draped blush technique is a recent one that is favoured by millennials. When applying blush you want to focus on mostly the sides of the face. Try to have the blush flow from the cheekbones to the temples and then the eyes.

Credits: Allure