These Protective Hairstyles Encourage Healthy Growth

Here's what you can do to maintain healthy hair.

Curly, coily and kinky hair textures require a little extra TLC to help them retain moisture and grow longer. One way to do that is by opting for protective styles. Our hair stylist Elisha Gotha shows us how to get the most out of our protective styles and some great looks to try.

What is a protective hairstyle?

A protective style is any style that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away and requires minimal manipulation. Protective styling gives the ends of our hair a break from nasty weather conditions. Protective styles are key when you transition from relaxed to extreme damage, they help reduce the friction from everyday styling and preventing breakage, protective styles can last as little as a week, or as long as a couple months.

Example of protective hairstyles:

  • Box braids
  • Ponytail wrap or drawstring, buns – bantu knots
  • Wigs: clip-in extensions
  • Two-strand twist with or without extension hair

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What do you have to do to prep for protective styling?

To give your hair the best benefits from your protective style, you want to start with the right steps:

  • Booking an appointment with your natural hair stylist for a wash treatment and trim is ideal when you plan on wearing your protective style for a long period of time. This is to ensure your hair is healthy and hydrated before you put it away.
  • Following up with a scalp detox and deep hydration treatment when you’re ready to remove your protective style will really help your hair flourish.
  • If you’re doing a short-term protective style, give your scalp a good scrub, with a deep condition before and after.

What should you avoid when it comes to protective hairstyles?

Many people think that just because your hair is put away, dryness and breakage won’t be an issue. When you wear a protective style, avoid:

  • Wearing very tight styles, this is can lead to hair loss (having a bun or braids that are too tight can pull the hair from the root causing traction alopecia)
  • Not hydrating your hair and scalp daily especially during long-term protective style (include some suggestions for how to hydrate)
  • Not getting a trim every 3/4 months
  • Using too many heavy oils in your scalp
  • Not using something like silk pillowcase or silk sleeping cap (silk pillowcases and sleeping caps help prevent friction that can cause breakage)


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