How To Pull Off 90s Makeup Trends In An Updated Way

The 90s are back in a big way – even in makeup!

The 90’s are a beloved time era filled with trends that have remerged many times. Recently, more than ever, there has been an emergence of trends within makeup!


First, it’s evident that the foundation look that of the 90’s was very matte. When you look back, It’s hard to not see how gothic it was! The foundation was chalky, white, pale, and matte. It was a major trend for many people and celebrities. Think, JLo before the glow! You have to remember most of the super models back then were also doing their own makeup.

Source: L’Officiel USA

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If you’re trying to do a 90’s foundation look you can achieve matte skin with great formulas and powder foundations. Use a brush if you don’t want something so opaque. Here is a great easy to use matte foundation, click the image below for more information.

Lipstick and Lipliner

There 90’s were filled with an almost vampire vibe going on with the dark lipsticks. Yes, Madonna wore it well and Angelina Jolie too with the deep burgundy lips and dark thin brows.

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Source: Fashionista 

Lipliner was prominent then too! Today it’s making a comeback with many browns and rusty colours. If you’re looking to add some lipstick and liner to your look, the goal is to achieve fullness to the lip! Stick to your natural lip line and pick a shade slightly darker than the lipstick you want. For a great dark shade straight out of the 90s, click the image below!


Are thin eyebrows coming back? Absolutely not! If you were lucky enough to have yours grow back after all that plucking. Eyebrows are not going 90s…it’s all about the thick and fluffy brows!

Source: WhoWhatWear


In the 90’s there was this bluish-grey look happening that resulted in many people appearing washed out. The most popular of looks could be referred to as grunge “heroin chic”. Other prominent trends were stark white or vanilla highlight under the brow.

If you’re looking to recreate an eyeshadow stick to grungy or goth shades of red and blue.

Source: Byrdie 

For the perfect millennial blue, check out this light blue shade from Covergirl. This shade is perfect as it can be easy blended and darkened by using more product. Click the photo below for more information.

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