5 Beauty Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

These products were designed to help you.

If you’re rolling out of bed 10 minutes before a Zoom meeting or lead an otherwise hectic life, products that streamline and shorten your beauty routine can help save you a lot of time and effort. Beauty Expert Bahar Niramwalla shows us some of these *MAGICAL!* products.

Face Gloss:

The all-natural skin look is a favourite, but who doesn’t love a good glow?! A face gloss is a great alternative if you’re looking to move away from a face of full coverage foundation. It’s perfect as there’s low maintenance and a much lower time investment in application.


If you’re looking for the perfect face gloss, we recommend Revlon-Rose Glow Face Gloss. This product has a lightweight gel formula that is 80% water. It straddles that happy line of skincare + makeup as it’s made with glycerin, olive oil and fruit.

Bahar’s Tip: You don’t have to apply it everywhere as this can be used as a highlighter on bare skin, too!

Soft Focus Powder:

If you’re aiming for matte because the 90’s are BACK, just go in with the right product. Find a powder that has light colour coverage but leaves your skin still looking like skin. There are new technologies out there to really help lessen the powders sitting inside lines and instead almost hovering over and diffusing them.

For flawless coverage, Covergirl makes a great pressed powder; Covergirl Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Blurring Pressed Powder. This lightweight powder is a great alternative for a less or no-makeup day/look. It includes Hyaluronic Acid and is infused throughout with Vitamin C.

Bahar’s Tip: Use a *big* fluffy brush to apply to keep things light vs. heavy.

Goof-Proof Eyeshadow:

The norm of applying eyeshadow usually includes; multiple brushes, insanely large palettes and eyeshadow primers. This can get quite time consuming, especially when you want a wash of colour to last throughout the day. The solution to this is using a cream shadow with a built in primer. You can use a brush to apply this or make it easier by patting it on with your finger.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy eyeshadow colour, try Rimmel’s Wonder’Cloud Liquid Eyeshadow. This eyeshadow features a built-in primer that is also crease-proof- a known dread of any eyeshadow wearer! It’s available in 6 shades, with a green kick for a pop of colour.

Bahar’s Tip: Use your fingers for a quick, easy application and no brush to clean afterwards!

Reliable Sun Protection EVERY TIME:

How many of us actually set a reminder on our phones to reapply sunscreen? And how often are we actually re-applying? There are now cool little stickers you can purchase that will turn clear after you’ve applied sunscreen over it and it’s exposed to the sunlight. When the dot turns purple it’s time to reapply your sunscreen, how easy is that!

SPOTMYUV® Detection Stickers (CNW Group/SPOTMYUV®)

The SpotmyUV Detection Stickers uses a unique technology that includes a layer within the sticker that responds like your skin would to sunscreens, activities and UV levels. The sticker is also waterproof which means it will last through any summer activity!

Bahar’s Tip: Place this in a visible spot so you’ll notice when the colour changes.

Winged Eye Liner for Life

Applying winged liner everyday is a task. All the time spent before an evening out making them perfectly symmetrical, ensuring they’re the same length on each side, etc. Well struggle no more as using eyeliner stamps makes this process super easy! Simply stamp in one corner using the bottom of your eye-line as a good guide. Flip over the stamp and use the marker to connect the wing to your eye- easy peasy!

For a great eyeliner stamp, try Lyda Beauty’s Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp. It comes in three shades; black brown and green, and comes in two levels of thickness; steep for a thinner line and bold for a thicker one.

Bahar’s Tip: Easy clean up with any mistakes is best done using a synthetic bristle flat brush and a tiny bit of concealer OR eye makeup remover.