A Simple Garage Organizational Guide

The simplest way to organize this space.

These easy organizational hacks help to save space and give easy access to everything you need… even in the tightest of spaces. The garage pictured below used DIY organization solutions with scrap material that you might having around the house.

Shovels, Brooms, Hockey Sticks etc. 

If you have hockey sticks, brooms, shovel or anything else that’s long and awkward to store, PVC pipe is the solution.

  1. Cut 3″ sections with an angle cut to be able to get a screw into it.
  2. Screw through the backside of a PVC pipe into a 2″ by 4″ piece of wood mounted via studs into garage wall.
  3. Put your cylindrical object through the PVC pipes and enjoy the organization!

Scooters and Skateboards 

Scooter and Skateboards will just end up all over the place, having a dedicated spot for them to live is an absolute game changer.

  1. Screw three 1.5″ dowels to a wooden board, screw two parallel to one another and the other slightly above to store each skateboard.
  2. For the scooters it’s the exact same process but stagger out the two dowels by putting one slightly higher and the other lower.

Spare Car Tires 

When you switch out your winter tires for summer, you’re left with a huge tower of tires in the middle of your garage. The solution to this is to store them up high, above the scooters and out of the way with just a few 2x4s attached to the ceiling rafters.

  1. Take two pieces of 2″ x 4″ wood, screw each piece of wood into the garage trusses, make sure when doing this that you have the right spacing for tires to be stored.
  2. Put your tires in, and voila! They are out of the way, until next season.

For the rest

This is a Trusscore slat wall, they have a bunch of different accessories that attach to the wall so you can change the configuration with the seasons and your storage needs. The one we have here has hooks allowing you to hang your bikes and it’s a very secure system, so you don’t have to worry about them falling. It’s also super easy and quick to install. There are baskets by Trusscore that attach for storing multiple items. Store anything you desire!

Bonus: Recycling

If half of your garage consists of recycling and green bins, then this is the hack for you!

  1. Take two pieces of scrap wood and screw them together to make a cleat, this allows a surface for the blue bins to hang off of.
  2. Screw the piece of wood into the walls at varying heights and attach your blue bins by hooking them off of the lower piece of wood.