How To Throw A Virtual Pride Party

Can’t be together with friends to celebrate Pride? Here's how to stay connected.

This year, more than ever, planning a pride virtual event is very much about centering social issues in fabulous ways! Let’s take the opportunity that we are still social distancing to make this pride about the issues.


No live guests? No problem. Center your fur baby’s as your pride guests. Celebrating pride doesn’t mean you have to have a huge group of people. Your pets can be the best guests around! Get your fur baby a cute pride outfit and you are ready for a celebration. Jamming out with your bestie, having a zoom call, or a party for one is all you need for a great experience. Put on your favourite pride hits and it will feel like you’re at a live event anyways.


Brunch is always a vibe when it comes to a virtual party or any occasion! Gather some sweets and savoury items to elevate your meal. To add a hint of colour you can choose to go for colourful favourites. For example, getting macarons that are every colour under the rainbow!


No pride event is complete without entertainment. Drag artists have been hard hit, and are offering virtual appearances and performances. Choose your fave and support the art. Enjoy the performance virtually!

There are so many great organizations that support the community

Source: MisterBandB