A Beauty Expert's Sweatproof Summer Makeup Guide

It's another hot girl summer!

We’re in the midst of yet another hot girl summer and we want your makeup to be ready! Here is smart, sweatproof makeup tips that will help you beat the heat.

Start with your skin 

With hot humidity weather, less is more.  You don’t want to do full face of foundation concealer powder. It can be soooo much!  I’m a huge advocate for sun protection so if you can find tinted moisturizers with SPF that’s amazing! There’s a good range too like Bb creams, tinted mineral SPFs, SPF foundations and then use concealer where needed. Use products that are light, and have dual-purpose.

When applying foundation with a beauty sponge, set the water with a fix setting spray, this will make for an easy and long-lasting application.

Beautiful brows 

For brows be sure to stick to long wear products. Maybelline makes some great long wear products that are sweatproof, waterproof and stay on for 36 hrs!  Their Tattoo Brow Pencil is amazing! Make sure when doing brows to remove any moisturizer or foundation.  I would also powder your brows after for longevity.

All about the eyes 

I would stick to everything waterproof: mascaras, eyeshadow primers, eyeliners.  Layer products as much as possible so it takes longer for the heat to wear it down.  Wetting the eyeshadow brush with long wear spray instead of water makes for a smoother application that will last all day. Another great product to look out for are cream eyeshadows as they are easily applied and smudge-proof.

Longwear lips 

Stick to long wear products.  I know Tracy loves the SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks because they don’t move.  Glosses are great for summer, but don’t last! This stuff does not budge, get ready to look glamorous in high humidity. I like applying it as blush for super long wear! I mix the lipstick and a bit of setting spray on my hand before I apply as blush- just remember to blend. Longwear lipstick to long wear blush!

Finish with setting spray 

To help your makeup stay in place as long as possible, finish up by applying a setting spray all over your face. A mattifying spray will also help cut down on shine, along with many other uses! The setting spray we recommend to finish your look and for all the step in between is the Lasting Fix Makeup Spray from Maybelline.

Hot pandemic tip!: Spray inside your mask for optimal long wear.