How To Prepare For Your Summer 2021 Hair Salon Visit

What to know, before you go.

We’ve spent several months now perfecting out own styles, colours, and home cuts but summer’s here, and soon, salons are going to be ready to bring their clients back. It’s time to get inspired again, here’s how to get your hair summer ready.

When you get back into the salon, I want talk about the single most important thing that needs to be done before your visit and that’s a consultation with your stylist or colourist. Now I’m sure your stylist will want to have one anyway but in case they are overwhelmed with how busy they are going to be, they won’t mind if you ask them to have a quick conversation about your plan going forward. Talk about the game plan.

What should you focus on during the consultation?

Go with:

  • your Wishlist, it may have changed during the pandemic
  • your face shape and what works best for it. (Rounder face with pronounce cheekbones go for a refreshing fringe!)
  • a colour plan because your needs may have changed, some colours require a lot of maintenance!
  • you texture and how you wish to wear it day to day

Recommendations for curly hair during the summer?

First, we need to understand what kind of curly hair is? Are they spirals or loose waves? Is it afro-textured hair or not? Is it frizzy?

With curly textured hair you want to make sure that keep it hydrated through the summer.  So, what that look like is if your used to using a gel or mousse in the winter months, perhaps your using leave in conditioners and hydrating creams in the summer.

Hottest summer haircut?

For hair trends this summer I think will see variations of the shag coming back, now I’m a big fan of these types of looks because of how versatile they are and easy to style. A layered looks also works on all textures of hair so anyone can try it, it’s very maintainable. I also think the curtain bang is still sticking around, it’s such a nice option to keep hair off your face while framing it at the same time.

Source: The Trend Spotter

Colour Trends 

I’m already seeing a lot of its the Bronde colour trend.  That is when you have a warm brown golden base with some natural highlights or balayage peeking through.  This look is great for summer months is because of how nicely it will fade through the warm months, it will grow out seamless without seeing very much roots growing in.

Source: Allure