3 Expert Techniques For Applying Graphic Eyeliner

Looks that makeup lovers of any experience level can pull off.

Graphic eyeliner looks are bold ones that make a great change from your classic cat-eye. You can play with different shapes and colors and can use liquid, gel, kohl, or pencil liners, and even eyeshadow to get the look. The point is to have be creative and have fun!

Look 1: Layered Liner

This is the easiest technique out of the three. Create a black liner of your choice, a winged liner with this look is preferable. When creating a wing think of it as an extension of your lower lash line, it helps to place a straight-edged object there for a guide. Layer a second liner on top and slightly extend beyond the black. Use any coloured liner you are comfortable with for the second liner.

Shobana’s Tip: You can also use an angle brush and eyeshadow.

If you have a shaky hand try using a gel liner, that way you can blend the liner out. You can wear this type of liner as thick as you like, so don’t worry about being perfect!

Shobana’s Tip: If you are using a liquid liner, look down after application. This will allow it to dry. Looking up too quickly can smudge the liner to your crease.

Look 2: Floating Crease

This look is very trendy as of recent, start by identifying your crease (which is the fold between your brow bone and socket). The floating crease will go above your actual crease so when your eyes are open, you can see it.

Shobana’s Tip: Understanding your crease will also make your everyday eyeshadow application easier.

Use a very pigmented gel liner and use dots to trace out an arc, just above the crease following its shape. Using eyeshadow with a pencil brush or a gel liner is a lot more blend-able and forgiving than a liquid liner.

Shobana’s Tip: Wet the tip of the brush before dipping in eyeshadow for a more pigmented look

When you are done, clean up any excess eyeshadow on your lid by using a small flat brush and concealer.

Shobana’s Tip: You can use any color or sparkle. Want to play it safe? Begin with a metallic champagne or brown.

Look 3: Double Liner

To achieve this look first create a winged liner, if you are a beginner try using a felt ink liner pen. Lay the felt tip along your lash line and drag the pen or stamp it along the lid to create the ‘body’ of the liner. You can also do a ‘dot-to-dot’ technique if it’s easier. Next create the wing, remember that the ‘wing’ is supposed to be an extension of your lower lash line. Use a straight object if it helps to create the line, sketch it or use dots. Then connect the tip of your wing to the body of the liner.

Shobana’s tip:Want more lift? Start the wing before your upper and lower lash line meet and angle the wing more towards the end of your eyebrow.

To create the double line, begin at the point of your liner and trace a portion of your crease using dots. Then connect the dots. Voila!

Shobana’s tip: Use light pressure when applying.