10 Of The Most Popular Toys Of Summer 2021

Get outside and have fun!

Looking for some fun in the sun. CTO – or Chief Toy Officer – from the Toy Insider, Laurie, and her team review more that 2000 toys each year to bring us the hottest toys for the summer.

Crazy Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons

This spring the “go-to” water balloon around the globe fills and ties 100 balloons in 60 seconds — and is now 100% recyclable! More than 1,200 tons of plastic has been removed from the brand this year, a 57% increase over the company’s original goal of 800 tons set last year.

In addition, balloons are made of natural latex rubber and biodegrade, further delivering on environmentally and sustainable practices. With Crazy ZURU Bunch O Balloons, each stem comes with a completely new mix of multi-colored balloons for added backyard water excitement! Consumers sign-up online, package all their used Bunch O Balloons packaging and balloon pieces, then ship to TerraCycle, where they will then be processed and recycled into new materials.

Fold and Go Beach Set 

This bright and colorful Fold & Go Beach Set features a stylishly designed, collapsible pail that folds down almost completely flat! Families can pack it neatly into its lightweight nylon zip-up carry case along with its colorful plastic shovel and fish mold.

The pail, made from nylon, features a waterproof lining so it can hold water or sand. The pail’s outside pocket is designed to hold the shovel and sand mold or can be used to store seashells!

Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone 

This 7-inch, full performance stunt drone with Skyrocket’s Surface Scan Technology makes it easier to fly than ever before! Surface Scan Technology dramatically increases drone stability, allowing the drone to stay in one spot, even when kids let go of the controls.

This innovative new technology works up to 100 feet and radically improves flight experience by providing superior control. The Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone also features auto launch and land, one-touch stunts, and extended flight time.

Disney Princess Creation Cube 

Kids can bring the magic of Disney home with this creation cube! Place the beads on the provided flip tray, align the Disney Princess themed templates, spray with water and watch as the beads magically fuse together to recreate favorite Disney characters!

Disney Princess characters include Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Belle, and more! Adds imaginative play value when kids can attach characters to the included creation base to display designs and act out scenes! Includes more than 2,500 solid, jewel, and star beads in 35 vibrant colors.

Giant Jumbling Tower

Don’t Let the tower tumble. Friends and family stack the tower higher and higher with the oversized blocks until someone slips up and makes the Giant Jumbling Tower crumble! The Giant Tumbling Tower Game is built to last, with 51 giant blocks that are designed for years of indoor and outdoor play

Get Creative: The game includes the standard instructions, but kids, friends, and other family members can get creative by assigning entertaining tasks to certain blocks.

Icee Machine  

Kids can pour themselves the coolest drink in town, made right at home with this counter-top Icee Slushie Machine. Looks and operates just like the ones you see in stores. To enjoy, simply combine water, ice, and a favorite ICEE flavoring syrup (sold separately), and let it do the rest.

Ice Ribbon Twirler 

The Ice Ribbon Twirler is a beautiful sparkly dance accessory perfect for indoor and outdoor play! Kids can use the light-up feature to add some magic to their nighttime dance activities!

X-Shot Epic Fast-Fill 

The fastest filling blaster ever created can be filled in one second! Its patented Rapid-Seal Technology closes the blaster tank instantly allowing battlers to get back to the blasting action long before their opponents. The 2021 Spring line expands ZURU’s innovative approach for hours of water battling fun!

The X-Shot Epic Fast Fill is nearly 21 inches long and holds more than five cups of water. Fills in one-second and comes with a robust pump-action feature that enables kids to blast up to nearly 34 feet. In addition, four different nozzles allow one to blast four different ways.

Kidoozie Gopher It 

Kids can “gopher” the highest score to win! Toss the six different bean bags into one of the four netted gopher holes to score points ranging from five to 20!

The Gopher it game includes six nylon bean bags (three red; three blue) and a base with colorful “golfing gophers” scene. Easily to build and store. Add competitive play by playing against a friend or family member to get the highest score.


Families can make mountains of foam in minutes! The Foamo set includes everything kids need for a backyard foam party, including an 18-gallon bin, a power blower, a pump, tubing, and foam solution.

Just add water to create up to two hours of foam fun! For all ages and all occasions!