How To Properly Clean Your Most Used Household Items

Keep your home squeaky clean with these pro-hacks.

Cleaning can be hard to navigate, how to get that stain out or, how to efficiently vacuum the carpet. Well, you’re not alone and now you’ll have hacks to get you out of a sticky situation.

Dustpan with Tape 

Do you ever find yourself with a bit of a mess once you’re done sweeping? There is always that little line of dust left behind that you can’t seem to sweep up. For this tip, I recommend adding a piece of duct tape to the bottom of the pan to remove that tiny gap. Use the sticky side to pick up anything else that was missed.

Wine on Napkin 

This is a TikTok hack that allows you to remove red wine stains with shaving cream. Spray some shaving cream on the stain and let sit for about 15 minutes.

Cleaning the Toilet Seat 

I think we can all agree that cleaning toilets are the worst. True story: a few years ago, I made the kids use the upstairs bathroom for months until they learned the entire bathroom is not their toilet.

Sometimes your toilet may look clean, but may not smell that way because you can’t get to every spot. Cleaning around the hinge covers on the back of the seat is tricky. So, once a month or so, try taking the seat right off the toilet and giving those areas a good scrub.

  • Remove the plastic hinge covers and unscrew the screws, lift off the seat.
  • Spray the area and clean.
  • Dry before putting the seatback in place.


Cleaning Champagne Glasses

Believe it or not, bubbles are bad for your bubbly! Using soap (or rinsing agents) can leave a residue on the glasses, which gives your bubbles less bounce.  Instead, simply rinse them in medium, hot water and dry with a linen towel.

Cleaning Art 

Cleaning art that is framed behind glass is easy, but the art on canvas (especially pieces with texture) is a different story. You can’t use a cloth, or duster because they could damage the art, or small particles can get caught. Instead, use a paintbrush!

  • First, stand it upright (or even leave it on the wall).
  • Use a soft brush with natural bristles, work from one corner to the other, top, down, brushing gently. And then repeat vertically.

  • Believe it or not, for dust or dirt that won’t come off an oil or acrylic painting with the brush, saliva does the trick! Gross, but true! It has enzymes that break down dirt and dust but is gentle. Just test it in a small corner first.
  • For this technique, avoid eating or drinking for at least a half-hour, and then….I can’t believe I’m saying this … but spit into a small bowl. Use a cotton swab to gently wipe away dust.
  • (Art, brush, small bowl, duster, cotton swab)