3 Curvy Girl Style Hacks To Get You The Perfect Fit

Clothing that fits, and is flattering? Go on, I'm listening...

When you’re curvy, it can be hard to find clothing that looks flattering AND fits your shape, but it is possible!

In fashion, there are sizes and there are curves (You can have curves at any size). People tend to upsize without knowing how to dress their curves or wear loose clothing to cover up their curves.

Clothing can be more flattering when you look for elements that adjust to your body – you may even find yourself downsizing. Don’t get stuck on size, look for elements like stretch, ties, elastic bands, and high waists

Here are three of my hacks for curly girls to help you always look and feel your best.

Hack #1 focus on the fit, not the size

  1. Stretchy materials: dresses and jeans grow and shrink with you. My tip is to search for Elastane or Stretch in the description.
  2. Ties: help customize your clothes to your body. Ties are great if you have a pouch you want to minimize.
  3. Elastic Bands: great for bigger thighs and bums, because they stretch over the thighs hugs your waist there will be no gaps.
  4. Petite women: consider ankle-length pants/ cropped pants + crop tops
  5. High waists/empire waists & crunching: cinch the waist, elongate the body, smooth over the belly

Hack #2 Embrace shapewear

  • We wear bras to hold the girls up, shapewear is a great tool for smoothing
  • Spanx Oncore – doesn’t roll up and there is a hole to use the washroom

Hack #3 Tailor clothing to fit you 

  • Tailor the waist of jeans – great for women with bigger thighs and bums and smaller waists
  • Shoulder tuck for those with bigger chests and smaller shoulder

Ask yourself: rather than looking for the perfect outfit, ask am I buying this for the fit and flattery, OR am I buying this because it’s on-trend and makes me happy?