The 4 Most Iconic Blazer Styles (And How To Pull Them Off)

A must-have staple in anyone's closet.

Personally, I welcome the opportunity to wear all my layers and my blazer as my topper! There are so many styles available and I’m happy to report all are current and should be pulled out, dusted off and on your body! I wanted to show specific attention to those long-standing styles that have made their way to iconic status and how we are wearing them today.


Princess Diana often wore her preppy navy crested blazer and with many different combinations. We’ve seen the sweats, biker shorts, sports socks and hoodies with this style of blazer.

Today this same style blazer is worn a bit bigger, baggier, and slouchier, but still very relevant and completely presentable. Here I’m pairing it with denim, mom baggie cut and a basic t-shirt. Dressing it up a bit with a strappy heel. Layered with different shapes make it completely valid for today. The gold buttons whether they come with or you swap them out, really elevate the look.


This particular iteration is Winona Ryder and her Heather’s era, black leather blazer. So iconic and in this combination, it’s timeless.

Instead of denim and a band t-shirt, I’m throwing on some trim sweats and the always lush furry slide. Of course, you can easily reference her look and throw on some jeans and still be good but truly when our world is more sweats, the vegan leather blazer fits.


My advice is to not try to replicate the original look, but find a great cut with the texture. Any other details that try too hard will look really fake overplaying a true homage. Nothing can compare to a true Chanel cardigan jacket from the 50s, which was so welcomed by women as a way to be elegant and comfortable. A first! The boucle or tweed, are lighter and have movement.

Here I wanted to show it as more of a cardigan and paired it with clean jeans and t printed t-shirt.

“Grace Jones” 

Yes. Power. Strength. Confidence. Grace Jones and that iconic Jean-Paul Goude image. The bold shoulder is such a good statement!

I don’t think I’ve seen what else Grace was wearing in this iconic photo so this is my interpretation that fits my style.