3 Expert Tips To Create Stunning Harvest-Inspired Planters For Fall

Level up your outdoor space for fall!

It’s harvest season! And we are going to help you create some harvest-inspired planters to keep your home festive for fall.

1. To create a harvest planter you will need:

  • Container with drainage

  • Potting soil
  • Fall themed plants or fall colours
  • To create drainage in my own planter I take a plastic pot and flip it upside down inside the planter!

2. Fall-themed plants you should look for:

  • Fall Garden Mums AKA Chrysanthemums
  • Ornamental grasses such as a purple panicum
  • Pansies or violas
  • Assorted perennials; look for ones with interesting foliage such as coral bells
  • Ornamental peppers
  • Ornamental kale and flowering cabbage
  • Fake fall leaves work as well to mix in!
  • Look for plants that resemble the colours of fall: orange, yellow, purple, and red

It is the plants that make this planter look like fall. When selecting plants we have to remind ourselves that there is frost, wind, there can even be freezing rain, so selecting plants that are going to last from fall to winter is super important.  For autumn plants we need to think about the harvest season, colour, and frost tolerance.

To make your planter feel balanced and beautiful you need to use different heights, combine plants that need a similar amount of light, and space them appropriately.

3. To add a bit more spice to your planter you can top it off with fall accessories!

  • Use things straight from the orchard!
  • Corn stalks
  • Apples (if you have raccoons use fake apples!)
  • Ornamental grass
  • Mini pumpkins

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