The 5 Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2021

Elevate your look with bigger, brighter, and bolder jewelry!

Like this year’s clothing, 2021’s jewelry trends are all about bigger, brighter, and bolder looks. We often think of jewelry as more classic pieces, this year however we have seen some really great trends.

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve been hooked on our computers and Zoom meetings. As a result, many outlets have reported a rise in sales of jewellery. Specifically, people are buying fine jewellery that’s great for wearing every day. The idea is that people wanted to elevate their more casual looks with chunky necklaces and earrings, relatable pearls, fun charm bracelets and lots of colour—the Zoom-friendly and in-person options.

Trend 1: Pearls

This rekindled love for the ocean’s beautiful treasures has inspired new collections for the fall. New designs from some of the brands today have made pearls more relatable to modern lifestyles. No longer outdated heirloom pieces that remind us of our mother or grandma’s estate collection, pearls have become the chic, contemporary choice for every day. Ideal to wear at work, formal functions and even a quick workout. My tip is to wear pearls with a bright coloured dress and the pearls will pop!

Some of my favourite pearl pieces are Double Drop Earrings and Pearl Stackable Rings from Maison Birks, and the Ibsen Bracelet from Kim Smiley.

Trend 2: Oversized Chains & Rings

It’s all about getting noticed – chains continue to dominate and are refreshed through mixed metals and a larger scale. The return of statement rings and fashion cocktail rings are also back in a “big” way.

Pearls Trend 3: Layering

Layering is an ongoing trend that encourages pieces of different sizes and shapes to be styled together. We are also starting to see multiple metals like rose, white, and yellow gold layered together to create more of a statement look. Jenny Bird is really good at this.

Trend 4: Beads & Charms

The return of the quirky charm bracelet takes inspiration from the ’80s friendship trend. It’s about mixing your beaded bracelets in fun colours with quirky charms. Sydney Evan (80’s Style), Lisa Gozlan and a trend GenZ made cool.

Trend 5: Colour Story

Jewel tones, purples, grass green and fire engine red are some of the colours we saw on the runway. Vibrant stones and energetic enamel provide a fashion pop! Colour instantly updates classic silhouettes and is easily mixed with gold and silver. Some of my favourite colourful pieces are the Rosetti Earrings, Poe Earrings and Oscar Cuff by Kim Smiley,