These Are The Best Strengthening Exercises for Your Breasts

Keep your breasts feeling their best.


Breasts are made up of fatty tissue, so you can’t exercise them as you’d tone a muscle. However, strengthening all the areas around your Breast can definitely offer a guaranteed positive to a woman’s breast health.

Wearing the Right Sports Bra 

A lot of women who have larger breasts are not comfortable going to the gym, or even just supported enough that exercise feels like it will be enjoyable.  This requires some pre-planning. Wearing something the feels good to you is essential.  There is nothing worse than working out in clothes that do not feel good!

Certain exercises can go a long way to help you feel good about yourself and your breasts. We want to focus on being strong, having the muscles to support ourselves in all areas of our lives. Here are three great moves to make sure that happens!

1. Mid-Back strengthening Exercises 

All versions of rowing will help with this! We can do seated rows, bent over rows; they are all great. Today we are going to demonstrate a standing row using a TheraBand.

2. Posterior and Middle Deltoid Strengthening

These exercises have a big impact on our posture and the appearance of our shoulders. I like to work the middle and posterior areas because they have a large impact on a small exercise.  We will do these with hand-held weights. Standing position.

3. Chest Exercises 

This is the tissue that lives under the breast tissue.  It is very important for many of our everyday activities, and it also works to support the breast tissues that are on top of it.  We can do these exercises in a way that targets the upper areas of the muscle, and also use them as a chest opener.  We can demonstrate these while lying on the mat.

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