6 DIY Winter Games The Whole Family Will Love

Winter is coming, but the outdoor fun doesn't have to stop!

As it gets colder, getting the kids to have fun in the snow is always important. Here are some DIY games that your kids will love and they are easy to do!

1. DIY Snow Paint 

Save those empty bottles and fill them up with either water and food colouring or water and jello powder. We all know the kids are going to eat the snow anyway so why not make it taste, just don’t eat the yellow snow!


2. Snowball fight

We all love a good snowball fight. Why not get some help from these snowball and brick makers that we got from the dollar store. Now, these are my kid’s favourite winter toys, so you can make a bunch of snowballs in seconds for an epic battle and the brick makers are perfect for making a fort to protect yourself.

3. Ice Orbs

Fill a 7” ballon with water to about 3’-5’, add food colouring and shake. Then place outside to let it freeze, once frozen, remove the balloon skin and behold the beauty of your creation. Make sure to be careful with these as they can be heavy or break when dropped!

4. Can Jam

For this game, partners will stand across from each other and we play to 21 points. If you get your frisbee in the very small slot on the side of the can, your team automatically wins. It feels impossible, however, you can earn points in other ways. If I toss the frisbee and my partner knocks it into the can and dings the side, that’s one point. If you hit the can unassisted that’s 2 points, and if your partner manages to push the disc into the top of the can that’s 3 points.

We made the cans out of builders tube which we got from our local hardware store. Cut the tube in half and add a slit to throw the frisbee into.

4. Snow darts

If the can jam game is too hard you can play snow darts! Bring out some different sizes of hula hoops to create targets to throw at or use the snow paint to make the targets and colour your snowballs to be able to keep score.