3 Festive DIY Holiday Hair Styles

The best hairdos for your next holiday party!

Holiday time means holiday parties and family gatherings, but sometimes getting to the salon or finding the time to make your hair look its best for an event isn’t always an option. So here are my top DIY holiday hairstyles!

Holiday Snatched Pony 

Step 1 – Section Hair
So as you can see, Nina has already started part of her ponytail here. She’s also left out this section in the front because that detail is what’s going to make this ponytail go from gym freak to holiday chic.

Step 2 – Snatch it
So one tip that people can take away with them is, how to achieve a really snatched pony, (and I learned this from the Kardashians hairdresser wink, wink) so what you do is divide your ponytail in half and do it in two sections. You’ll see how the hair has been sectioned angled from the tip of her eye, and now Nina will connect that second section into the rest of the ponytail. This angled ponytail gives a nice lift to the face and gives the hair a super snatched look.

Step 3 – Accessorize
Now with this front piece that’s remaining, we are going to slick it to the side and anchor it using a very chic hair accessory. It’s the accessory that makes it holiday fun and while it’s not my style, you could possibly even go with a cute holiday decoration or something a little more festive!

Whimsical Holiday Chignon       

Step 1 – Section Hair into a low ponytail
Nathalie has the hair already sectioned out into a low ponytail. Something everyone can do themselves. But we’ve left the front hemisphere of her hair out for some added glam after.

Step 2 – Braid & Anchor
Nathalie has already also braided her ponytail and anchored it with a little elastic. Super easy. This braid doesn’t even need to be perfect because next she’s gonna wrap this braided pony into her chignon. And she’ll anchor it with a bobby pin.

Step 3 – Make your Chignon & Anchor
Now with the remaining two pieces in the front, shes’ going to very loosely anchor these areas in the front leaving some hair dropping out for a very whimsical look.

Tracy’s Hairdo 

STEP 1 – Tuck it
So Tracy, what I’m going to have you do is tuck one side of your hair behind your ear tightly just like tuck it.

STEP 2 – Bobby Pin it
Next we are gonna take bobby pins that don’t match your hair colour. So, in your case, we found these really cute white/ silver bobby pins

STEP 3 – Design and Layer

Lastly, you are just gonna start sliding the bobby pins into the hair so they are visible. A lot of people will do a row of bobby pins and if you feel like being creative, you can actually do that plus add a few sporadic ones to add a little interest. Crisscross them, layer them on top of each other, there’s no right or wrong way of doing this.