From Blah to BOLD Holiday Makeup

Glamourous makeup hacks for all your holiday parties!

Try these easy and simple holiday makeup hacks to spice up your look!

Hack #1 – Eye Makeup

Start with glitter! Not only is it beautiful to work with, but it’s also easy for beginners. Use greys and metallics on the eyes to create a beautiful, brown smokey eye.

If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of glitter and are just starting off with makeup, try these products! Elf’s glitter is super easy to use. Simply put it on the centre of your lids, and you’re good to go!

Hack #2 – Luscious Lashes

Want to amplify your lashes? Try magnetic lashes! While it seems intimidating, they’re easy to apply and use. My favourite is Ardell’s Magnetic Naked Lashes. The liner is a magnetic liquid, and the lashes adhere to that liquid liner. Simply put two coats of liner and just stick the lashes right on.  

Hack #3 – Glow

Let’s get our glow on! While the actual product is important, the brush itself is even more important! Pick a brush that is fluffy and will spread the product, to avoid streaks. But also ensure that the brush isn’t too big. Lightly apply the product along the cheekbone and avoid the undereye area and T-zone.

Hack #4 Lips

Go for colour in season! This is as easy as pressing your lips together, smiling, and applying your lip liner!


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