5 Small Businesses To Support This Holiday Season

A one-of-a-kind gift guide!

Small businesses across Canada need your support! Here are 5 small businesses that I love and need your support this holiday season.

#1 The Fitzroy Dress Rental 

The Fitzroy has hundreds of dresses that you can rent and get a gift certificate for your friends.

#2 Jayne Nicole Hosiery $19.99

Jayne Nicole Hosiery is defying conventions. This is the first Canadian-black-owned hosiery brand that comes in 7 stunning colours for every shade and everyone!

#3 Ryse Up Affirmation Cards $49.99

A set of 60 cards to help get you in the right mindset every day and you know I love a great mindset!

#4 Knot Really Art $21.99- $30.00

This is the perfect gift for your creative friends who love to do DIY art.

#5 The Sage Soap Company Shower Steamers $15

This holiday season give yourself the gift of self-care with these shower steamers! Steamers smell great. They are perfect gifts for your friends and family, plus they have an array of products on their website.


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