5 Awkward Family Holiday Situations and How to Deal With Them

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some awkward family situations…

The holidays are filled with family gatherings, while most of it is pleasant, other times it can also be awkward. Here are some awkward situations Mairlyn and Vivian can prep you for this holiday season.

You show up to a family dinner and have a relative ask, “What’s your job again? How do you make money?”

Vivian: It depends on the person! If it’s someone I’ve just met, I tell them I’m an entrepreneur and leave it like that unless they ask for follow-up. If it’s someone I’m closer with I explain the business empowerment business a bit more.

Mairlyn: I lie and tell them something stupid. I’m either a brain surgeon and I am rich, OR I’m an exotic lap dancer and the tips are amazing. Because if they’ve forgotten, they never were paying attention anyway.

Your family member is very drunk and very rowdy at the family holiday party, what do you do?

Vivian: Luckily, I don’t have this experience personally, but I’m an avoider who would just look away OR treat it as entertainment. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your own episode of real housewives’ live. If it escalates and they’re in the bathroom making a mess, I clean it up and make sure they are not invited back, but if I was hosting, they likely would not have been invited in the first place.

Mairlyn: I am usually am the person that says “Hey, I’ve got a cramp in my leg can you go for a walk with me” OR “I’m so hot in here can you go outside with me?” Done it twice.

Your guest arrives, but you find out they’ve brought an extra person who isn’t vaccinated.

Vivian: you pull whoever brought them aside and say what gives? Then you kick them both out, the guest for not being invited, and the person who brought them as punishment.

Mairlyn: I’m so sorry. You have the right to make your health decisions and so do I, so you can’t come in or you will have to leave. She would say to the invited person you can choose whether to stay or go as we can all make our own choices.


Your sibling is recently divorced, but you want to invite their ex to the holiday gathering since they’ve been coming for years. Do you do it? And If so, how do you go about doing it?

Vivian: I would never do that. There’s a reason he’s an ex and they can always have separate family functions.

Mairlyn: I agree! I would never go to her ex’s family function for her child or otherwise. I’m also not inviting my exes over anytime soon.